17 Pics That Show Dachshunds Are The Best Dogs

Dachshund is very intelligent, quick-witted, and quick-witted, but can pretend to be stupid when it is beneficial. By nature, the dachshund is a friendly, self-confident dog with a balanced temperament. In her work, she is passionate, viscous, tireless, and fearless, has an excellent instinct and anger towards the beast, which cannot be equated with aggression. Anger is a good quality for a hunter but prevents dachshunds from coexisting peacefully with other animals, except for hunting dog breeds.

#1 The dachshund may be the smallest representative of hounds, but it is, without a doubt, the smartest of them.

#2 People who know this breed well appreciate Dachshunds for their character, intelligence, hunting abilities and absolute devotion to their owner.

#3 These short-legged and oblong dogs are very brave, and sometimes even desperate. They are always ready to take the badger, which they were taken out to hunt.

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