18 Breed Reviews: Labrador Retriever (Part 3)

Labrador. His full name is Labrador Retriever, which means game feeding dog. Do not forget about this quality of him, because it is in his blood.

Bringing game is his life, his passion. The Labrador Retriever is proud of it. But do not think that this breed is intended only for hunters. It’s not the gun that makes the Labrador happy; what’s really important to him is bringing the items. Even when it comes to a stick. But even more important for him is water.

The Labrador Retriever loves to swim at any time of the year and at any hour. He also loves the owner very much, so he is ready to share with him the greatest joys in his life. We must say right away that if you want to see your dog happy, you cannot stay dry all the time, and not only on the street.

Let’s see what Labrador owners think about this dog.

#1 The perfect friend for your child

I will share my impressions of this dog breed. The Labrador is an incredibly kind dog. Labrador Retrievers will never snap at their owners, or even more so at their children. A very playful animal. Labradors are loyal and loyal. But in order for this dog to meet the criteria of its breed, it must receive proper care. I recommend to those who want to buy a dog for their child exactly the Labrador breed. My friend works as a dog handler and has dealt with various breeds of dogs, including Labradors. In the minus category of this animal, you can add the fact that this breed is very difficult to tame. For example, in practice, it is easier to find a common language with a German shepherd.

#2 Labrador is a loyal friend and partner!

My Labrador is 3.5 years old. 3.5 years of joy and happiness in our home. My youngest daughter really wanted a dog. We chose the breed for a long time. We watched and read a lot. By all accounts, I think the Labrador is the perfect breed. A very smart kind dog. Loves children. Whatever my children did with him. He never even growled at them. He eats whatever we give. Obedient playful dog. It's fun to play with. He didn't ruin anything in the house. Except that when I was a puppy to sprinkle slippers and a charger, but compared to how much joy he brings us, this is not a big loss)

#3 Very interesting, playful dog

I really like this dog. She likes to play. Wakes up in the morning. When you come home, she is always waiting at the door. Friendly. Loves children very much (never does anything bad to them).

Alice White

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