18 Breed Reviews: Labrador Retriever (Part 3)

#10 Good and reliable friend

I'm glad I got a Labrador because this breed is easy to train and will never hurt a child. A very handsome and loyal friend. There was a case when it was stolen from me or went on a spree. There were 2 weeks. I was very worried. And already when he had resigned himself, lo and behold, he himself found his way home and returned.

#11 Cheerful, playful, good-natured, but the main advantage of my dog is that it is omnivorous.

Labrador is an excellent breed of dog, they are very smart, affectionate, love children. They are used by special services to find bombs and for all sorts of drugs in general. I am pleased with this breed, because I have one of them, though sometimes it doesn’t listen, it’s rare. The only thing is that in the summer a lot of wool is poured from her, you have to clean up there is nothing you can do, and so they are excellent dogs that can protect and not leave trouble. And of course, to understand her so that she understands you as they say to find a common language. I forgot to say that they are lovers to eat, just give them and give them the pots are not enough. So whoever likes it.

#12 Chic and shine

The Labrador dog is a very smart, decent, and playful dog. Loves children and adults very much! He eats everything in a row, that is, he eats just like human food, he can also eat food. She really needs attention, once you cannot pay attention, then all of her will immediately yearn and cry! Personally, I like the Labrador most of all, a very playful dog, does not rush at anyone, behaves modestly, does not like to swear, quarrel. He likes to walk a lot on the street and also loves other animals, can be trained to some commands, very quickly learns to the tray likes to jump and run.

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