23 Interesting Facts About Dogs

A dog is a friend of a man! At least, this is what many millions of people around the world think, who cannot imagine their life without these four-legged companions of her, devoted and loving. The dog has become a symbol of devotion for a reason – these creatures are so attached to their owners that they are ready, without hesitation, to sacrifice their lives for them.

  • Intelligence development in dogs is comparable to that of two-year-old toddlers. Dogs can memorize about 250 commands expressed in gestures and words, count to 5, and solve elementary math problems.
  • Dogs are able to hear ultrasound that cannot be heard by humans. Hearing in dogs is generally 10 times sharper than in humans.
  • In ancient China, the emperor kept a Pekingese in his sleeve – in case of danger, the dog jumped out and attacked the enemy of the autocrat.
  • The dog’s nose must be moist so that it can sense the direction of the smell.
  • Dog collars with spikes were invented by the ancient Greeks – this is how they saved their pets from being strangled by wolves.
  • If your dog’s paws are not well washed after walking, they start to smell like corn chips.
  • Dogs have 1,700 taste buds (humans have about 9,000).
  • Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They smell 100,000 times better than humans.
  • Dogs should not be given chocolate as it damages their heart and central nervous system.
  • Dogs are color blind.
  • Dogs are the only animals capable of recognizing human emotions and empathizing with their owners.
  • Dog nose prints are unique – no two are alike in the world.
  • The Greyhound named Star Title has remained the leader in speed among dogs since 1994 – he managed to accelerate to 67.32 km / h. This, of course, is inferior to the speed record holder among all land creatures – the cheetah.
  • There are 703 purebred dog breeds in the world.
  • Dogs in Hollywood films sign their own contracts with a paw print.
  • Puppies’ vision becomes normal only at the age of one month.
  • Greyhounds are the only dog breed mentioned in the Bible.
  • The body temperature of a healthy dog is between 38.3 and 39.4 degrees.
  • The dog was first successfully cloned in South Korea in 2005.
  • Dogs can be taught to drive – in New Zealand, where a similar experiment was carried out, tetrapods successfully drove in a straight line and even turned.
  • Dogs do not like rain because the noise of falling drops is harmful to their hearing.
  • Scientists believe dogs can be trained to identify cancer in a specific organ.
  • The oldest breed of dogs is saluki. Such dogs were owned by high-ranking persons in Ancient Greece.

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