Beagle: Care & Maintenance

Caring for a beagle has a number of features.

It is quite possible to keep a beagle in an apartment if you do not leave him alone for a long time and lead an active lifestyle. In the warm season, the beagle can live in an aviary.

Caring for a beagle is not too difficult. Basically, you will need preventive veterinary measures (vaccinations, treatment against fleas and ticks, anthelmintic, etc.), adequate feeding, and proper sanitary condition of the home.

Beagle hair care is simple. It is enough to periodically comb the beagle and bathe as needed. You may have to bathe quite often – do not feed the representative of the breed with bread, let him lie in some particularly odorous muck.

Paws are washed after each walk.

If the dog walks enough, the claws will grind off by themselves. But it is still worth making sure that they do not grow back, and if necessary, cut them off.

Eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly. Moreover, ears are a beagle’s weak point. The puppy must be taught these procedures from childhood, then they will be perceived calmly.
An important part of caring for a beagle is walking.

Walking a beagle can be challenging if you’re not used to an active lifestyle.

Consider the characteristics of the breed. The Beagle is a working hound, and a 15-minute circle around the yard on a short leash is not at all what he needs. You will have to walk regularly, for a long time, giving the dog the opportunity to frolic.

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