Best Russian Dog Names

Some are unusual and sound exotic, while others are also common in this country: we’re talking about Russian dog names. In this article, we introduce you to the ten most beautiful names for males and females from the former tsarist empire. We also go into the meaning – so that the name clearly fits the new family member.

Russian Dog Breeds

Russian dog names: they go perfectly with Russian dog breeds such as the Borzoi, Samoyed, or Bolonka. But even for dog breeds of non-Russian origin, the names from the largest country in the world are a welcome change. A list of beautiful names from A to Z provides inspiration and simplifies the search for the perfect dog name.


How about the Slavic short form of “Borislav”? The name means “the fighter” and is widespread in Russia. Boris is ideal for males who are particularly brave.


Demyan is a Russian boy’s name and means “the quiet one”. Perfect to give this name to a male with a gentle character.


Evia stands for “the living one”. Hence the name is the right choice for all females who have a lively temperament.


The Russian spelling of Johannes sounds original and goes well with males. The name means “God is gracious”.


A name that is very popular among dog lovers. Kira is a nice, short name for females and has an imposing character as meaning “the mistress”.


The saint: Masha is a melodious name for females The Russian short form of “Maria” (= the beloved, the embittered, or the fertile) is easy to pronounce and can be modified with pet forms such as Maschka or Maschenka.


For the giants among dogs: Maxim means “the greatest”. But it is not only suitable for males who can show a shoulder height of 50 cm upwards. Even small fur noses proudly bear the name, because true greatness is revealed through character.


The name is suitable for both females and males. Sascha is the pet form of Alexandra and Alexander, which means “the protector” or “the stranger who defends himself”.


Tonya is the abbreviation of Antonja in Russia. The name has a wonderful meaning with “the divine” or “the one of inestimable value” and is ideal for females


A female named Vika has already won the lottery with her name. The name means “the winner” and also falls into the category of “extraordinary dog names”.

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