Black Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

How often have you come across a completely black Chihuahua? Probably, like us, not too much. At one point, we even thought, is it really that representatives of this breed with a similar coat color do not exist at all? It turned out that it happens, and how. Dogs with a charcoal-black coat are just common.

Black Chihuahua Puppy: Helpful Info

From the very beginning of the existence of their breed, Chihuahuas have been distinguished by a wide variety of colors. There were also black individuals among them. They were no different from their fellows. Height and weight parameters were the same.

As for the coat, it can be either long or short. Individuals belonging to the first type are distinguished by the presence of a long, thin coat that resembles human hair. In the area of ​​the ears and limbs, the awn is usually long, reminiscent of a beautiful fringe. Dogs with short hair do not have an undercoat, their fur is short and soft.

Solid black color is very rare. That is why dogs with a similar appearance are usually priced several times more than red or tiger dogs. If there are scorch marks or spots on the charcoal fur, this is not considered a defect, but the price for them is already much lower.

Important! Chihuahuas with lilac, yellow, cream, or sable coat colors are much more common.

When crossing coal chihuahuas with individuals of other colors, it is worth remembering that they can have absolutely any recessive gene. If, for example, they are carriers of the dominant chocolate or ginger gene, this will certainly be reflected in the offspring produced. The coat of puppies can turn out brownish or with a chocolate sheen.

The character of Chihuahua cuties does not depend on the color of the coat. Chihuahuas are distinguished by intelligence, mental stability, love of life, and courage. They easily win the attention and affection of people. Dogs are very curious and a little selfish, but they can quite afford it.

Chihuahua black wool does not require special care. It is enough to remove dirt from it as needed and comb it several times a week. Too often these pets should not be bathed in water, especially in winter. This is explained by the fact that they can catch colds very easily. And when you bath them, make sure to use special Chihuahua shampoos.

When choosing a puppy, you need to pay attention to its undercoat. If there are colored spots on it, in the future this may be reflected in the main color. Better not to have them.

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