Why Does My Chihuahua Shake?

Chihuahua is everyone’s favorite decorative breed. Dogs are distinguished by good health and a rather long life expectancy. However, sometimes owners can watch their beloved pet begin to shake from trembling. Let’s find out what can cause such a condition.

Why is My Chihuahua Shaking?

If trembling occurs from time to time, then you should not consider it as a pathology. Perhaps the pet just froze. But if everything repeats itself, most likely, it is worth taking a closer look at the health status of the pet. So, a similar problem may result from:

Postponed stress, excitement. The trembling will surely appear after the dog experiences an emotional shock. Moving, going to the veterinarian, and even having guests come in can get the animal upset.

Pregnancy. In females, in the process of carrying offspring, trembling develops under the influence of a change in hormonal levels.

Hypoglycemia. A disease condition characterized by a lack of blood sugar. Convulsions can join.

Urolithiasis. In addition to trembling, the dog may experience problems with urine excretion, hair loss, and deterioration in general condition.

Diseases of the ears. With the development of inflammatory processes in the outer and inner parts of the ears, dogs may experience short-term bouts of tremors. At the same time, sneeze behaves restlessly, shakes his head, and scratches his ears.

Allergies. It manifests itself upon contact with an allergen.

Poisoning. In this case, the tremors may be sudden and rampant.

Leaks. Chihuahuas may start shaking in preparation for the onset of heat.

Excess energy. If the dog is overwhelmed with energy, it may well begin to shake. However, as soon as she runs well, the symptom disappears completely.

It is not so difficult to recognize what exactly caused the tremors. If the pet feels good, willingly approaches the bowl, and does not have symptoms of any diseases, then most likely the mental aspect is to blame.

Why Do Chihuahuas Shiver? What Should I Do?

If the problem is caused by illness, then you cannot do without veterinary assistance. It is important not to postpone the visit to the health care facility too much, as the delay can cost the dog his life.

If the problem is that the pet is too worried, then it is worth protecting it from stress and anxiety for a while. It is better not to take the sneeze out into the street for several days and not invite guests into the house. And, of course, do not forget about insulation. After all, if the dog is shivering from the cold, this is also not good. Colds in this breed develop almost at lightning speed.

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