Brazil Nuts and Dogs: Can a Dog Eat Brazil Nuts?

The Brazil nut can be found in many nut mixes. It is rich in protein and is considered to be the largest vegetable supplier of the mineral selenium. But can dogs eat Brazil nuts? Or can the nut even harm the pet? Here you will find the most important information about the Brazil nut for dogs.

Dog and Brazil Nut in Brief

Brazil nuts are not poisonous for dogs. On the contrary: nuts contain many healthy nutrients. So can dogs eat Brazil nuts? Yes, but only in moderation, because the Brazil nut is very rich in fat and calories. For dogs with pre-existing conditions, you should completely refrain from feeding Brazil nuts.

High-calorie Brazil Nuts: Dogs are Only Allowed to Eat Them in Moderation

Brazil nuts are among the richest in fat. The high proportion of saturated fatty acids is unhealthy for dogs in large quantities. The fats are difficult to digest and can contribute to obesity in dogs due to their appetite-increasing effect. The Brazil nuts are therefore not suitable for dogs that tend to be overweight. Caution is also advised with dogs with kidney disease: the high phosphorus content puts a heavy strain on the kidneys if they are consumed excessively.

Nutritional values of the Brazil nut: Dog is supplied with protein and minerals

As long as your dog eats Brazil nuts only occasionally, the nuts can contribute to a wholesome diet. With careful dosing, the pet benefits from vital proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Protein is important for muscles, organs, and bones. Almost all types of nuts have a high protein content.

Selenium supports the immune system and the function of the thyroid gland. The trace element is especially important for dogs with thyroid diseases.

B vitamins, especially vitamin B1, play an important role in healthy heart function and the nervous system in dogs.

Saturated fats and high phosphorus content make the Brazil nut unhealthy in larger quantities and for dogs with previous illnesses.

Dosage of the Brazil nut: feed the dog properly

Despite the high selenium and calorie content, dogs are allowed to eat Brazil nuts occasionally. Large, healthy dogs should eat a maximum of one Brazil nut per day. Smaller dogs and puppies should be given a Brazil nut a maximum of once a week. But beware:

Never feed a whole Brazil nut in one piece as the dog can choke on it.

Digestive problems can also occur. Chop up the nut and then mix it with the food or give your pet a small piece as a treat in between meals.

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