Breed Review: Australian Terrier (15 Pics)

The Australian Terrier is a breed originally from Australia, as you probably guessed from the name. However, despite the fact that the breed is considered Australian, it descended from British terriers, which were imported by settlers. In the course of the formation of the breed, various terriers interbred with each other until they turned out to be small, but very funny and in many ways useful companions.

#1 The Yorkshire Terrier, Skye Terrier, as well as the predecessor of the Dandy Dinmont Terrier and the Wirehaired Terrier participated in this.

The first European settlers in Australia lived in rather harsh conditions, they had to start everything literally from scratch, in a new climate, and in a completely different environment from their own. Therefore, the requirements for dogs that were supposed to share with them all the hardships of this life also corresponded.

#2 That is why the Australian Terrier, although very small, is hardy and fearless, because he was required not only to be a watchdog that can warn of danger.

He also served as a hunter for rodents and small animals, and these instincts in the breed are still strong.

#3 They were used not only on farms, but also in gold mines to catch snakes.

Surprisingly, not the Aussie (Australian Shepherd), but the Australian Terrier, this is the first native breed to receive official recognition in Australia.

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