Breed Review: Australian Terrier (15 Pics)

#13 Stay positive and reward as you train.

Plus, you need a sense of humor and patience. Sometimes, these dogs need a firm hand of a leader, but not in the sense of rudeness or beatings, but in the sense of a leader and reasonable severity when needed.

#14 You need to try to make classes as active and fun as possible, as this breed can quickly get bored.

In addition, it is necessary to constantly bring in something new, again, for the reason that otherwise the classes quickly become boring. Monotony in this case would be the worst idea. Overworking the Australian Terrier is not worth it, as well as forcing it to exercise. If you see that the dog is tired, extend the lesson for another five, maximum of 10 minutes, no more.

#15 The Australian Terrier needs brushing about 2 times a week, the dog needs to be bathed at least once a week or more often.

The claws are trimmed 3 times a month, the ears are cleaned 3 times a week, the eyes are cleaned daily.

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