Breed Review: Beagle (18 Pics)

#13 A certain place for the beagle can be omitted, these dogs usually fall asleep in the place where they wanted to lie down.

The dog will feel wonderful in a private house and in a city apartment if you walk with him for a long time and do physical activity.

#14 Feed your pet in moderation, do not trust the sad eyes of a “hungry” dog. You can choose professional food or natural food as food.

In the second option, the share of meat products should prevail over everything else. You can try giving dairy products, but they can cause stomach upset. Vegetables and fruits will be a pleasant addition and a source of vitamins.

#15 It is recommended to start training a dog from a very early age.

A beagle puppy can be distinguished by stubbornness and self-will, and it depends only on the owner whether these qualities remain in an adult dog or disappear in the process of education.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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