Breed Review: Border Collie (18 Pics)

#10 Border Collie colors can be as follows: black with light tan, different shades of brown, dark color with blue or marbled hairs.

#11 Standards for purebred representatives of this breed:

Elongated head. The color of the nose depends on the color of the dog.

Small brown eyes. the marble suit can be light.

The triangular ears are set wide apart.

Small white teeth.

The lips fit tightly to the jaw and have black pigmentation.

Muscular neck.

The limbs are long and slender, in proportion.

The body is well-muscled. The chest is wide.

The tail is strikingly beautiful. Saber-shaped, with dense vegetation. During a period of calm, it hangs down, in motion, it twists up.

The height of the thoroughbred representatives of the breed is 54 centimeters.

Weight - 21 kilograms.

#12 The dog is very graceful, moves easily and naturally. During a fast run, it seems that she is hovering above the ground.

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