Breed Review: British Shorthair (19 Pics)

#7 With the outbreak of World War II, the already unfavorable situation for shorthairs became truly catastrophic.

Animals, like people, died en masse under German bombing, and austerity policies left no chance of maintaining nurseries. In the post-war years, the few surviving Britishers were actively crossed with representatives of various breeds to obtain offspring: Russian Blue, Chartreuse, Persian. Due to the large percentage of mixed blood, the breed was considered to be hybrids for a long time and therefore was not registered by the leading regional and world teleological organizations. The American Cat Association distinguished the American Shorthair cats from the Old World in 1967, registering the latter under the name "British Blue". ACFA admitted Britt to its shows in 1970, and The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) recognized the breed in 1980.

#8 The British cat is a rare example of a complete correspondence of appearance and inner world.

By their nature, these plush bums really resemble your favorite soft toys from your childhood. And the special "smiling" expression of the round face once made them a real prototype of the Cheshire cat from the stories of Alice's adventures. Good-natured and unpretentious companions fit perfectly into the life of almost any family, without requiring absolute attention to their person.

#9 However, the latter does not mean that they are indifferent to the owners.

On the contrary, representatives of the breed are very attached to "their" people and often move from room to room for company with them, but they do it unobtrusively. Fluffy intellectuals love affection, however, they prefer to receive it on their own terms - they will gladly sit next to you on a soft sofa and will purr rather in response to stroking, but they will not react to the idea of lying on their knees or being in gentle embraces. Personal space for the subjects of the British Queen is not an empty phrase!

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