Breed Review: Chinese Chongqing dog (15 Pics)

#4 The Chinese Chongqing dog has many names, including the East Sichuan Hunting dog and the Bamboo Ratter.

The term bamboo is used to describe this dog because of its unique and unusual tail; resembling a bamboo stick, it is straight, slender, and hairless.

#5 Traditionally used to hunt (either alone or in a pack)

The Chinese farmers relied heavily on the Chongqing Dog to hunt a variety of species, including rabbits, wild boar, deer, and birds. A multi-purpose dog, they also protected the farmers’ livestock and homes and served as a source of food.

#6 The breed’s popularity suffered a large setback when the Chinese Communist party deemed pet dogs a “symbol of decadence and a criminal extravagance at a time of food shortages”, leading to a total ban on the ownership of pets, and to their mass slaughter

The Chinese Chongqing breed was saved from extinction due to the fact that it lived in remote, and largely unpatrolled mountainous regions, and because it was often classed as a working animal. Around 30 years after the outlawing of pet dogs, in the late 1980s, the ban was finally lifted. The popularity of the Chinese Chongqing dog grew, and they were imported from the South West of China around the country.

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