Breed Review: Japanese Chin (17 Pics)

Dogs are ancient animals that are revered in many religions and are mentioned in scriptures as messengers from other worlds. We all love these animals for their sincerity, loyalty, and genuine love for their owners.

In Japan, there is a special cult of the dog. Monuments are erected there for these animals and streets and avenues are named after them.

It is interesting to know that the most famous dog monument is erected in the city of Tokyo. It was installed in honor of the famous Hachiko, who was devoted to his master until the end of his life.

It was not difficult to guess that today we will be talking about our four-footed friends. We want to tell you about the Japanese Chin breed.

#1 Studying ancient dog breeds is very difficult. Until now, the origin of the Japanese Chin dogs is not known for certain.

Scientists say that most likely these dogs first appeared on the territory of modern Mongolia, and were brought to Japan in the third century. It was in Japan that they received wide popularity throughout the world.

Originally, the Japanese Chin was a dog of great religious importance. This breed was used in rituals. A small piece of wool was sheared off the dogs and the wool was brought as a gift to the gods. Later, ordinary Japanese people began to get dogs, because to feed them they did not need a lot of food.

#2 In 1859, the dog was brought from Japan to America, and later to the countries of Western Europe.

#3 As for the description of the Japanese Chin, everything looks like this.

Head with a rounded skull and well-defined borders. The forehead is slightly convex, with a fairly clear transition to the base of the muzzle. The eyes are small, the nose is usually black, but sometimes gray;

The auricles are small in size, directed downward, and completely covered with hair;

The body is square in shape, but even this does not spoil the overall appearance of the graceful figure;

The fore and hind legs are short but massive. They have characteristic rounded paws;

The tail is medium in size, which at the end curls slightly into a tube. On the tail, itself hangs long hair, which from a distance, resembles a kind of waterfall.

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