Breed Review: Nebelung (16 Pics)

#10 Since the representatives of the breed are distrustful of any changes, acquaintance with a four-legged friend should be gradual and unobtrusive.

So the Nebelung will quickly get used to the new tenant - of course, if he is friendly enough. At the same time, it does not matter who you took into the house - a dog or a relative of a fluffy handsome man: the pet will find a common language with him and will not get bored in the absence of the owner.

#11 Ornamental rodents, birds and aquarium animals are not the right company for the Nebelung.

The breed has developed hunting instincts, and small pets are easy prey. "Misty cat" with excitement will fish out the fish from the water, get to the careless hamster and even rush in pursuit of a parrot. The owners of the Nebelungs do not recommend leaving animals alone with a potential victim, otherwise hunting at home is ensured.

#12 The phlegmatic nature of the breed makes it suitable for seniors and families with older children.

These cats like a calm and easy-going atmosphere; loud and harsh sounds irritate animals. For this reason, the Nebelungs should not be taken into the house with small children: the latter can bother a new furry friend. The animal will certainly protest with warning growls or, worse, scratches.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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