Breed Review: Old English Sheepdog (15 Pics)

Old English Sheepdog is a herding dog breed from Great Britain. This huge and curly dog is very popular due to its friendly nature. Today the Old English Shepherd Dog is used not only as a shepherd but also as a companion, guide dog, and even for the therapy of children with physical and mental retardation. It is noteworthy that a huge bobtail can easily carry urban content and does not need much physical exertion.

#1 The Bobtail is an English shepherd dog breed known since ancient times.

It is believed that these animals were brought to the UK from Eastern Europe, and their main relative is the South Russian Shepherd Dog. As a result of crossing a shepherd dog with local shepherd dogs, the bobtail or, as it is also called, the Old English Sheepdog was obtained. The breed was officially presented at the exhibition only in 1865.

#2 The origin of the name of the breed is interesting. “Bobtail” in translation from English literally means “scanty tail”.

The fact is that in England the tax on a dog did not depend on the size of the pet, but on the length of its tail. To reduce this amount, the shepherds - the owners of the bobtails - docked their tails.

#3 Representatives of the bobtail breed are some of the kindest dogs in the world.

Aggression has been eradicated from their character for hundreds of years, and today it is considered a vice and inconsistency with the standard. Bobtail will never attack the enemy, bite him or try to injure him. He just has a different tactic. Dogs of this breed drive the aggressor into a corner and, as it were, fall on him, pressing him to the ground. This is how the bobtail protected the flock of sheep from predators.

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