Breed Review: Rottweiler (16 Pics)

Rottweilers are serious and energetic brutal, whose main purpose is to serve people. It is from the Rottweilers that the best rescuers and guides are made, ready at any moment to risk their own lives in the name of human salvation. On the street, these muscular beauties are a threat and alert personified. They are energetic, observant, and always in control. However, as soon as the dog returns home, an affectionate sloth wakes up in it, occupying a soft sofa and ready to absorb delicious treats in kilograms.

#1 The ancestors of the Rottweilers – the Molossians – made their way to the territory of Western Europe together with the legions of Claudius Augustus, after the Roman convoys crossed the Alps and crushed the southern part of modern Germany.

The soils of the new colony were fertile, so Molossians quickly found a worthy occupation here: large and ferocious dogs began to protect and graze cattle.

#2 The breed got its name in honor of the city of Rottweil in southwestern Germany.

Located at the crossroads of trade routes and surrounded by the turbulent Neckar, this provincial corner was the main supplier of meat for the German principalities. Well, since there were many hunters to enjoy this nutritious product for free in the Middle Ages, specially trained dogs were attracted to the protection of meat carts in Rottweil. By the way, at first, the four-legged guards were called Metzgerhund, which literally means “butcher's dog”.

#3 The Rottweil burghers willingly used strong and serious animals not only as watchmen, but also as carriers of meat products.

Rottweilers pulled into carts delivered juicy steaks and tenderloin, thereby relieving their owners of the need to maintain draft animals. However, after the railroad ran through Rottweil and the pastoralists were able to transport their goods in a new, faster way, the need for breeding dogs disappeared, and the breed began to gradually degenerate.

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