Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Meat is an essential part of dog nutrition. But not all meat is equally healthy for dogs. Many dog owners are particularly unsettled when it comes to pork. Here you will find out why raw pork is dangerous for dogs and why cooked pork is only tolerable in moderation.

Pork for Dogs in Brief

  • Raw pork can transmit dangerous parasites and viruses and is therefore not suitable for dogs.
  • Cooked pork is non-toxic to dogs but difficult to digest. Only feed them in moderation.
  • Avoid poisonous spices when preparing pork for dogs and do not give your dog pork bones.

Is Raw Pork Poisonous to Dogs?

Many dog owners opt for a BARF nutrition plan in which raw meat is on the menu of the four-legged friend. However, pork is unsuitable for raw feeding. Raw or undercooked pork can contain parasites that can be passed on to your dog when you eat the meat. An infection with the so-called trichinae leads to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, pain, and lethargic behavior. So do not eat pork when feeding BARF and choose better-tolerated types of meat.

Aujeszky virus hazard

In addition to the trichinae, the Aujeszky virus can also be transmitted through raw pork, since pigs are natural hosts of the virus. Aujeszky virus is also known as pseudo-rabies because the symptoms are similar in dogs. Sick animals suffer from damage to the nervous system. This leads to drowsiness, refusal to feed, restlessness, itching, and profuse salivation. Although the virus is very rare, in the worst case it can lead to the death of the infected animal.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked or Roasted Pork?

Cooked pork poses no risk of poisoning or infection with harmful parasites. Even so, you should only give your dog small amounts of cooked pork, as pork is difficult to digest due to the fats it contains. Compared to other types of meat, pork is considered unhealthy for dogs, because consumption can lead to digestive problems and inflammation of the pancreas.

You should avoid fried pork when feeding your furry friend, as the fat used for frying makes the meat even more difficult to digest. Spices that are often used in preparation for humans are also incompatible and sometimes poisonous for dogs, especially onions or garlic. Therefore only feed completely unseasoned meat without harmful additives.

Are Pork Bones Harmful to Dogs?

If you have leftover bones while preparing pork, do not give them to your dog. Cooked bones are very dry and tend to splinter. As soon as your dog chews the bone, there is a risk of choking on the sharp parts of the bone or injury to the internal organs. Therefore only give your dog bones that are suitable for feeding.

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