Chicken (15 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

#10 Chicken – symbol

Despite numerous proverbs and sayings, where the chicken is associated with a stupid and blind bird, it is a symbol of many countries and cities. Among the various species of birds depicted on the coins, the chicken ranks first - coins from 16 countries are decorated with its image. The rooster was popular as early as 575 BC, as evidenced by its image on an ancient amphora found in Corinthia.

#11 As you can see, breeding a bird is, in principle, profitable, especially if it is a business. Start small and gradually build up the herd.

You should have a warm chicken coop ready for winter. Observe sanitary requirements and preventive vaccination measures to ensure the survival of the livestock.

#12 There are also fighting and decorative chickens.

The fighting bird is bred to participate in cockfighting, which is prohibited in many European countries. Individuals are large, with dense plumage, strong limbs, and well-developed wings.

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