Fat Dachshund: Helpful Information

The sight of severely obese dachshunds is terrifying and bewildering! The world-famous dachshund Obi from Portland is a prime example. An adult dog should not weigh more than 9 kg.

It is quite simple to feed an animal, but it will take a long time to fight overweight, in some cases it may take a whole year.

Excess weight increases the load on the spine, the dog has difficulty breathing, and problems of the cardiovascular system arise. During walks, you can observe that the dog avoids physical exertion, is reluctant to play, and does not feel well in hot weather.

Overweight Dachshund: Causes

The main reason is lack of exercise and overeating. Dogs of this breed are still those beggars, and loving owners cannot always refuse a pet a small treat after the main meals.

Another reason may be the presence of a medical condition, for example, thyroid problems, diabetes mellitus.

In some cases, as directed by the veterinarian, the dog needs to be fattened due to too low weight (for example, the dachshund was emaciated after giving birth and feeding a large number of puppies). Often, when solving this problem, it is easy to overdo it and overfeed the pet.

Fat Weiner Dog: Prevention

In a slender dog, the back of the body (after the ribs) is narrower than the chest. The waist is clearly visible, especially when the dog is wet. Older dachshunds are prone to obesity, which, due to their age, become less active. In time, you can determine the presence of excess weight by regularly weighing the dog.

To prevent obesity in dachshunds, make a proper nutrition schedule. It is enough to feed an adult dog in the morning and in the evening, only 2 times a day. Give treats only on special occasions, such as rewarding your dog for following commands. In no case do not feed your pet food “off the table”, the dog should have a balanced diet. You should walk longer, at least 1.5 hours 3-4 times a day.

Naturally, to solve the problem of excess weight in a dachshund, you need a diet, but you can only put your pet on a diet after consulting a veterinarian. The clinic will conduct the necessary analyzes, tests, based on which the doctor will be able to determine the general condition of the animal and prescribe the correct diet. In the future, you will have to visit a veterinarian about 1 time per month.

The diet for an overweight adult dachshund should consist of fermented milk products, meat, and vegetables. For example, in the morning a dog can be given kefir, raw or boiled meat during the day, and raw or stewed vegetables in the evening. There are balanced dry foods for overweight animals.

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