Gray German Shepherd Dog Breed Info

Dogs of the German Shepherd breed are considered one of the most common animals in the world. They are also used as service dogs. In the usual sense, this is a fairly large dog, with a predominantly black, coarse coat of medium length, which is complemented by red tan marks on the sides, belly, and chest of the pet. But there are also other colors, rarer, but no less spectacular.

Gray German Shepherd Puppies

The gray color in shepherd dogs is quite varied. Many representatives of this color participate freely in exhibitions, although pure gray is not standard. But there are many variations that are taken into account at puppyhood when the litter is culling.

Important! The completely gray color of the coat is considered a defect and is not recognized by the dog federations. It is also called blue because of the low tide, which is noticeable at a certain incidence of light rays.

Upon reaching the age of three, the dog can greatly change the color of the coat and become completely unrecognizable. At the same time, the prospects for a show class remain, and the animal actively participates in exhibitions and breeding.

Gray Coat Color

The gray color of the coat can be the result of a weakening of the black-and-back color. The standard color just brightens with age, but at the same time, the dog remains in the standard and takes part in exhibitions and competitions. At the same time, a completely gray pet is rejected even in puppyhood for the inconsistency of the shade of the coat with the breed standard.

Defect or Breed?

Unfortunately, gray dogs are not recognized by cynologists and are not allowed to participate in breeding, as well as international and national shows. Despite this, the animals look very impressive. Many breed lovers choose this particular color for home pets.

Other Coat Colors of German Shepherds

“Germans” have several basic colors, some are referred to as the breed standard, while others are considered unusual. It is worth noting that most of the shepherd dogs, more than 90%, belong to the black-and-back color. The black “mantle” on the back and sides, as well as tan marks on the belly, chest, and paws of the dog, are the most common color.

Standard Coat Color

The breed standard describes the most common breed shades. These include only 4: black-and-back, zoned, black and tan, and charcoal. In addition to the first one, the rest are considered rare and are very limited in litters. This is usually the result of a genetic change in the puppy.

Non-standard Colors

The non-standard colors of the “Germans” include completely red and gray colors, as well as spotted, completely white, or roan. Shepherd dogs have quite a few variations and shades that can be unusual for representatives of this breed. Each puppy is carefully examined by dog ​​handlers before being used to accurately determine the color of its coat.

Regardless of the color, shepherd dogs are very smart, friendly, unquestioningly obey the owner, and capable of training. They are excellent pets that will be owner-oriented and will be wonderful companions. They treat all family members equally well, including young children.

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