Hedgehog (20 Pics): Care, Pros and Cons

The hedgehog is an animal that belongs to the chordate type, the mammals class, the hedgehog order, the hedgehog family (Erinaceidae).

#1 Hedgehog: description and photo. What does an animal look like?

The body length of a hedgehog, depending on the species, ranges from 10 to 44 cm. The weight of a hedgehog varies from 300 grams to 1.5 kilograms. The animal also has a tail that grows from 1 to 21 cm in length.

#2 Animals have a large wedge-shaped head and an elongated muzzle with a pointed, mobile and moist nose.

The teeth of the hedgehog are small and sharp; there are 20 teeth on the upper jaw, and 16 on the lower jaw. Some species of hedgehogs have up to 44 teeth. The first incisors are enlarged and canine-like.

#3 Long middle fingers help the hedgehog to clean the needles.

The hind legs are longer than the front ones, each limb ends with 5 toes, with the exception of the white-bellied hedgehog, the hind legs of which have 4 toes.

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