Heidi’s Dog: Breed and Name of the Cute Fur Nose

What is the name of Heidi’s dog and what breed does it belong to? If you watch the cartoon series Heidi and are enthusiastic about the four-legged friend, you will find more information about Heidi and Peter’s dog here. In addition to the cartoon series, Heidi’s fur nose also appears in the film.

Heidi’s Dog in Brief

Heidi’s dog is called Josef. The pet is Josef Saint Bernard, Heidi’s dog appears in both the film and the series.

Heidi – the Film and the Series

The series Heidi was published in 1977. The family films about the little girl on the mountain pasture, on the other hand, were broadcast in 1952, 1978, 1993, 2001, and 2015. Heidi’s dog Josef appears in the series as well as in the film and in the book written by Johanna Spyri. The animal is a joyful St. Bernard and a loyal companion but only plays a minor role. Well-known characters from the series are also Almohi, Aunt Dete, cousin Klara and Heidi’s friend Peter.

Tip: St. Bernard dogs are balanced and friendly animals, which can also be seen in the film.

The fur noses are not very suitable as apartment and city dogs, but as family dogs in the country – just like Josef. Keep this in mind before deciding on a four-legged friend to add to the family.

A Great Series Not Just for Dog Lovers

Anyone who likes to watch films or series with a Saint Bernard can enjoy Heidi with the whole family. But the story about the little girl on the mountain pasture has a lot to offer not only for dog lovers. Children quickly dream of the sweet stories and then look forward to their next hiking holiday in the mountains.

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