What is the Name of the Simpsons Dog?

What is the name of the Simpsons dog? If you enjoyed watching the cartoon series, you may be looking for the name and breed of the Simpsons’ fur nose. Sometimes this information is also asked for in crossword puzzles.

Santa’s Little Helper at the Simpsons in Brief

The Simpsons dog is called Santa’s Little Helper. The dog of the Simpsons belongs to the Greyhound breed.

The Simpsons Dog

A large and brown dog is a common feature of the Simpsons. The animal is called Santa’s Little Helper and cheers the Simpsons’ family life.

Santa’s Little Helper – Simpsons

Santa’s Little Helper is a greyhound. A greyhound belongs to the group of greyhounds and is characterized by its athletic and gentle nature. This is also evident in the cartoon series.

The faithful companion plays a supporting role in the television series, which is why he is rather inconspicuous.

You Also Meet Santa’s Little Helper in Films or Books

If you are interested in the cartoon family, we recommend the following to expand your knowledge of Santa’s Little Helper:

  • The Simpsons episodes are available as a book and are ideal for traveling;
  • Those interested will find numerous episodes with Knecht Ruprecht in the cartoon series;
  • The Simpsons are also available as a 2007 movie that features all of the family members.
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