How Long Do Pekingese Dogs Live?

The lifespan of the Pekingese, like most other pets, in most cases depends on the conditions in which they are kept. However, sometimes illnesses and accidents can interfere with the course of a dog’s life.

Life Expectancy of a Pekingese at Home

Pekingese owners do not have to worry about their pets leaving them too early. The breed belongs to the category of centenarians and there are cases when the Chinese imperial dogs lived up to 18, or even up to 22 years.

Important! The factor that determines how many years an animal can live is genetics. That is why you need to buy puppies only from trusted and experienced breeders.

What Can Extend the Life of a Pekingese Dog

Even though the Pekingese are quite capable of living for about 20 years, no one has canceled the correct and regular care for them. Dogs of this breed need the following:

Veterinary examinations and treatment. It is necessary to visit a Pekingese veterinarian regularly, both with and without obvious reasons. Also, one cannot do without vaccinations that can protect the animal from the most dangerous diseases.

Care. Washing, combing, trimming your nails, and brushing your teeth and ears are all essential parts of your Pekingese’s care. These treatments help to maintain an attractive appearance and have a positive effect on health. Cleaning your ears can help prevent infection. Removal of tartar prevents tooth decay and other diseases from developing. In clean and combed hair, tangles do not form, it is easier to choose parasites and insects from it.

Education. The temperament of the Pekingese, to put it mildly, is not simple. Stubborn and capricious, they often get into fights with other dogs, which is often deplorable for small Pekingese. In addition, not knowing how to behave on the street, these dogs fall under the wheels of cars, poison themselves picking up food from the ground.

Correctly formulated diet. It is quite difficult to find natural food for the Pekingese. Food from the human table, smoked meats, pickles, bones, and sweets will only shorten the life of a dog. Veterinarians are allowed to feed them dry food, the main thing is that it is of good quality. For dogs that have any health problems, food should be selected on an individual basis.

Physical activity. You can’t call dogs lively, they like sofas and soft pillows more than grass and balls. However, to maintain health, these furry couch potatoes need to be walked for at least 2 hours a day. In such a schedule, the dog will not gain excess weight and will keep joints and bones healthy for a long time.

Attention from the owner. Dogs of this breed almost never beg for affection from a person. But even they, without communication with the owner, can become depressed. Frequent stress will not benefit the Pekingese.

Careful handling. Pekingese are very sensitive. The slightest injury or injury brings them real torment. That is why dogs of this breed are not recommended to be kept in houses in which small children live.

Important! The causes of the premature death of Pekingese include cancer, injury, paralysis, infection, and genetic developmental pathologies.

You can understand that a dog is getting old by the fact that its coat begins to turn gray, teeth fall out and the sense organs weaken. Elderly Pekingese need special care, which consists of adjusting nutrition, reducing the time spent on the street, taking special vitamin and mineral complexes.

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  1. I met a man in the vet’s waiting room who said he got a Pekingese puppy when he was 4 or 5 and his mother called him when he was in the service 24 years later to let him know his baby was very ill and probably not going to make it.

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