How to Choose a Pembroke Corgi Puppy?

The origin of the Pembroke Corgi breed is still controversial. Either a natural mutation or they were specially crossed. Nevertheless, it has existed since ancient times and its name, clarifying the breed, bears in honor of the area – the county of Pembrokeshire.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed

If you start reading the characteristics without external data, it may seem that we are talking about a shepherd dog. And this will turn out to be not far from the truth. In the classification of the dog – the section “shepherd”.

The peculiarity is that it is a low and short-legged breed: only 25-30 cm. The Pembroke has a fox face, for which it is loved. Such a distinctive feature. For example, you forgot the name “Welsh Corgi Pembroke”, then you say: “I have a short dog, with short paws and a fox’s face,” all at once it is clear who you mean.

It used to be thought that the Pembrokes did not have a tail, but in fact, it is either scanty or docked. There are four colors in the breed, but most prefer red & white, which makes it even more similar to the fox. The coat of a corgi is the same as that of a shepherd dog, both in length and to the touch.

What to Look for When Buying Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The main thing to know before buying a puppy is that the Pembroke Corgi breed is unambiguously expensive and difficult to breed. To get quality offspring, you need to comply with many conditions. 80% quality depends on the female. The mortality rate during childbirth, both for puppies and mothers, is enormous, here you cannot do without qualified help. Therefore, we are looking for a dog in a good kennel.

IMPORTANT! The kennel must have good reviews and recommendations, be known for its quality puppies for more than one year, and specialize mainly in this breed.

Pembroke Corgi Puppies: Appearance

When buying a puppy, it is important to examine not only itself but also to see what its parents look like, at least a mother. It is the mother who conveys the basic qualities of the breed. If her appearance alerted you, for example, she is too long-legged, then it is better to refuse the purchase.

Ask the breeder to show the baby in all respects. Look in the eyes first, they should be dark. No light or blue shades! Pay attention to the bite, it should be like a shepherd dog – scissors. If you mentally draw a line from the tip of the nose to the tips of the first one ear, then the other, and again to the nose, you should get a fox triangle.

IMPORTANT! In a small puppy, the ears may not stand, it’s not scary – after a while, everything will return to normal.

If you put the puppy in a rack, then the paws should have angles of 90 degrees. Pay attention to the flatness of the back.

If we talk about the choice of color, then it is impossible to unequivocally know what color will be in adulthood. For example, you choose a sable-white color, and in a few months your pet will be running around like a red chanterelle.

Examine your baby’s ears and fur. If there is a smell from the ears, and the coat is in a suspicious condition, then the content of the dogs is poor.


In this breed, it is very important to choose not only in appearance but also in temperament. As experienced corgi owners advise, the puppy should be very active, show an increased interest in what is happening.

If you stretch out your hands, then it should not shy away, but, on the contrary, rush to you and explore. It needs to be even to some extent annoying, forcing you to draw attention to itself. This is one of the key characteristics of a dog. It is the temperament of the puppy that will help choose a name.

IMPORTANT! If the puppy is shy or aggressive, it will stay that way.

Tips for Choosing a Welsh Corgi Pembroke Puppy

Choose a puppy in advance, especially if the litter is very valuable. A good breeder will present all the documents, pedigrees of the parents, their photos, and so on. He/she will also warn about the peculiarities of the breed, about possible diseases.

The price of a puppy cannot be lower than generally accepted in your area. If you are offered “very cheaply, for family reasons”, then it is hardly about the purebreds of the breed and the quality of the puppy. Females may cost a little more, but the color should not affect the cost. You can buy a puppy from 8 weeks of age.

IMPORTANT! If the puppy is high-bred, then it will have a stamp with a number, which can be tracked both in the metric and on the Internet. Such a dog can be allowed for breeding.

The most important tip: decide what you need a Pembroke Welsh Corgi for. The goals can be different: from love for shepherd dogs to the desire to become a breeder of the breed. If you have a purely emotional desire, such as: “I just want a fox, this is fashionable now,” or you “crawl” from work and can devote 10 minutes to a dog, then this breed is not for you.

The Pembroke is a chic and interesting breed, but at the same time not easy to care for. Therefore, approach the choice of both the breed itself and the puppy thoughtfully and seriously so that your life and the life of your pet are happy.

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