Tri-Colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Breed Information

Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a small dog, very similar to a fox, many owners of these dogs note that it is constantly “smiling”. They differ from their relatives of the Cardigan breed in smaller sizes and a sly muzzle. Due to the versatility of existing colors, you can choose an animal that is most suitable for the needs of future owners.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke: Tricolor

The designation “tricolor” means that the dog is painted in three different shades. Moreover, one of them is the main one, and the other two will be considered minor. Usually, the main color is black, but there are also non-standard options.

There are several varieties of tricolor colors:

black-headed (in this case, the charcoal color predominates, the dog will be almost completely black, while the dark shade of the coat can emphasize the dignity or mercilessly reveal all the external flaws of the pet);

deep color (large areas of red color, the same large white spots and black marks all over the body, they usually have a uniform distribution and approximately the same size, the head is most often red with small white spots);

red-headed (dogs of such a tricolor are practically red, black is present only on the back with small spots, there are also white areas on the belly, back, chest, and paws of the animal).

Dogs of a tricolor shade look very impressive and attract the attention of future owners. Expressive faces and rich colors make the dog individual. Making her stand out from other pets.

Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Other Color Options

The red color is very common among the Pembrokes. The coat of various shades of red, from almost red to pale peach, can cover the entire body of the animal or be harmoniously combined with white spots. There may also be small black spots.

Important! The breed standard specifies many shades and masks for the Welsh Corgi. Before buying a puppy, you need to consult with breed experts so as not to be mistaken about the choice. Especially if in the future it is planned to build an exhibition career.

A real sable color is considered a very rare occurrence. In this case, the puppy is born with gray hair, which subsequently takes on an unusual color. The coloring is obtained due to the unevenness of the dyeing of the wool. At the base, the guard coat is lighter, and towards the edge, it becomes darker. The result is an indescribably beautiful shade.

Pembrokes are very popular today. Many people want to get themselves this smart and very agile dog, which gets along well with all pets and is considered a real mascot of the family. The adorable muzzle and short legs make you feel touched by the pet, and the luxurious coat admires the beauty of the animal.

Corgi Pembroke Tricolor: Some Information

These cute short-legged dogs are actually quite good guards and hunters. They are very active, friendly, well oriented towards the owner. However, like all pets, they need a course of obedience, basic commands, and training.

Important! The Pembroke is a popular breed today, with many colors that are accepted by the standard.

According to the standards approved by the Cynological Association, the Pembroke can have the following colors:

  • red;
  • red brick;
  • red wheat;
  • sable;
  • deer;
  • black and white;
  • tricolor.

The latter is one of the most common and interesting. As a rule, it is a black base color, located throughout the body, as well as wide tan markings or reddish-red spots and white patches of fur on the paws and belly of the dog.

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