How to Choose a Welsh Corgi Puppy

Before choosing a Welsh Corgi puppy, think carefully, are you ready to adjust your life to the needs of the dog? Are you sure that you have enough resources (time, financial), and you will not lose interest in your pet in a couple of months? Only if you are firmly resolved and everyone in the household shares your confidence, you can start choosing a puppy.

Visit exhibitions, chat with breeders and owners of Welsh Corgi.

Visit several nurseries – this will give an opportunity to compare and choose the best one.

Pay attention to how the mother and the puppies are kept, how they are fed, how clean the room is, whether the kids have the opportunity to play.

Study the pedigrees of both parents. Make sure the puppy has a veterinary passport and a puppy card.

The low price should be alarming. Welsh Corgi is quite difficult to breed, so they are not cheap.

Puppies of this breed mature faster than other breeds. Therefore, a two-month-old puppy will require a lot of patience and attention. You need to be prepared for this. If your pet develops bad habits due to a lack of communication on your part, it will be extremely difficult to correct them.

A healthy baby is cheerful and active, inquisitive, sociable. Aggression, timidity, or obvious manifestations of cowardice are unacceptable.

The puppy should have a scissor bite.

Eyes, ears, and nose are clean, with no discharge.

The coat is shiny, neither fluffy nor curly.

The tail (if not docked) should not rise above the backline.

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