How to Feed the Akita?

In their homeland, Akita Inu eat rice, seafood, fish, fruits, vegetables, and seaweed salads. Therefore, the more Japanese blood your pet has, the more its digestion is focused on such a diet. In this case, a manifestation of allergies to chicken, turkey, beef, corn, dairy products, oats, and wheat is possible. A representative of the breed will enjoy the meat of an elk, roe deer, or deer with pleasure – if, of course, you find something of this.

Ask the breeder what the baby ate. The first time it is worth feeding him the same, new products are introduced gradually.

If you are going to feed your dog natural food, you can give low-fat kefir, cottage cheese, veal, sea fish (boiled), boiled eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Vitamins and mineral supplements are required (but consult a specialist for selection and dosage). You can also add algae containing iodine.

Feeding dry food may seem more convenient, but remember that most of these foods are rich in soy, which is poorly absorbed by the breed. Therefore, the choice of feed is an extremely responsible matter. There should be only one source of protein, and it is better if it is fish (anchovies, sardines, salmon, tuna) or duck.

The amount of protein should not exceed 26%, fat should be 12 – 18%. Typically, this is a holistic class. The best source of carbohydrates is rice. Feed containing corn or wheat is not suitable. But this applies to adult dogs, for a puppy, it is worth choosing a less fatty food.

A 2-month-old puppy eats 5-6 times a day, from 5 months – 3 times a day, from 9 months – 2 times, like adults. But you can feed your dog 3 times a day, in small portions.

Prohibited foods: fatty, spicy foods, bones, fresh bread, sweets.

Active walks and workouts are carried out before meals. The dog needs rest after eating.

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