How to Never Lose Your Dog

The loss of a dog turns into enormous stress for both the pet and its owners. When starting an animal, remember that you are now its family and are fully responsible for it.

Dogs can run away during “estrus”, as well as be frightened by sharp sounds (for example, New Year’s fireworks or a firecracker thrown at their feet). So how to prevent tragedy and keep the dog from getting lost?


The first thing an owner should do to keep his dog safe is to teach him to follow the two commands unquestioningly – “stand” and “to me.” You need to get your pet to execute commands under any circumstances, in any stressful situation. Even if the sky falls to the ground, your dog should run to you on the command “to me”. This will save her life and will relieve you of regret and guilt.


Be sure to check the harness you bought for walking your dog. Please note that different leashes and collars work for different breeds. For example, a bulldog with its massive head is unlikely to be able to wriggle out of a collar fastened around its neck, but a collie with a narrow muzzle in a stressful situation will easily throw it off itself. It should be borne in mind that a thin iron chain with a sharp jerk of a pet can burn the skin of your hands and you will release it, and a poor-quality tape measure can simply break. For walking with a large dog, it is best to choose a wide canvas or leather leash and collar (or a special noose for breeds with sharp muzzles). Yes, perhaps ugly, but reliable. It is better to put a safety carabiner for construction.

Address Tags

If the dog is still lost, then the address tag will help to find it. Typically, an address tag is a pendant or metal plate attached to the dog’s collar. The contact information of the owner is indicated on it by engraving, which will allow the person who found the dog to quickly contact its owner and return the animal. Do not neglect such a seemingly simple safety device for your pet.


Pedigree dogs born in kennels are branded before the issuance of documents confirming the origin – a puppy card, which is then changed to a pedigree. You can brand outbred pets yourself. A brand is a tattoo that is placed in the ear or on the belly of your pet and will allow you to prove that the dog belongs to you. The brand is also added to the database, which is maintained in organizations involved in pedigree dog breeding and can facilitate the search if the pet is lost.

The chip performs the same functions. This is a small electronic device that is inserted under the dog’s skin at the withers and read by a special device available in veterinary clinics and customs. Each chip is entered into the database, from where you can find out the phone number, address, and surname of the owners.

And the simplest thing is to write the owner’s phone number on the inside of the collar. It can serve as a temporary measure since the numbers will be erased pretty quickly.

Special Search Tools

The age of technology has offered dog owners a GPS tracker for animals. Thanks to it, you do not have to wait for the person who found the dog to contact you, because he may decide to keep the animal for himself. You yourself will be able to track the location of the pet at any given time thanks to the device attached to the dog and connected to your cell phone.

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