How to Stop a Dog From Jumping on People Passing By?

An ill-bred dog can cause a lot of problems for its owner. And this is not only about constant barking or, for example, refusal to follow commands – these are not the most serious problems of the pet’s behavior. It is much worse when it becomes uncomfortable for others. For example, if a dog jumps on passing people. What to do in this case?

A dog that jumps on people is not as funny as it might seem at first glance. Especially when it is not a miniature animal, but a medium or large pet. The animal can scare or even accidentally injure a child or adult on the street, and the owner will be to blame. That is why the fight against bad habits of the pet should be started as soon as you notice them.

Why Do Dogs Jump on You?

Most often, the dog jumps on the owner when they meet. Thus, she greets the person, makes him understand that she missed him. This bad habit is born in childhood. If the owner missed or ignored this moment, most likely, and in adulthood, the dog will jump on others, it will simply be unable to cope with emotions.

How to Stop a Dog From Jumping Up on Strangers

It is worth starting raising a dog as early as possible: even a three- and the four-month-old puppy is able to understand what you want from him. But when raising a puppy, you should not use physical force. It is important to carefully and unobtrusively let him know what exactly should not be done. Follow these simple tips:

As soon as you get home, the puppy will probably try to lean on you with its front paws or jump. It is important to prevent this from happening. Get on your knees, let the dog sniff or even lick you. Pet the puppy, sit him down, and praise him;

An older puppy can be pulled to the side and seated nearby, preventing attempts to jump on the owner.

If you are experiencing behavior problems in your teenage dog, you can also try the following method. As soon as the pet tries to jump on you, clearly command “Don’t!” and lift your knee to your chest. The dog will not be able to lean on its elbow and will rest on the leg. It is important to show confidence in your actions and be persistent; this movement should be repeated every time the pet makes another attempt to jump on you. Be patient, adolescence is the most difficult age to train.

You can also wean an adult dog from jumping on people. For a start, you can try the same methods as for raising a puppy. If they do not work, you can resort to more serious measures:

One of the most effective ways to raise an animal is to ignore it. When the dog tries to jump on you, turn your back to it. Keep turning away from your pet until he gets tired of it. Then give the command “Sit” or “Place”. After the dog has done it, say hello, pet, and praise. As a rule, the dog realizes his mistakes rather quickly;

Another way of influencing the dog is a spray bottle with water. It can be used every time an animal tries to jump on you. The desired effect will soon be achieved, and the dog will stop jumping on you.

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping on People?

If, when meeting with friends or acquaintances, the dog happily tries to jump on them, this action can be stopped by jerking the leash. Please note: this is a rather tough parenting method, and it is not suitable for every pet.

It is important that all family members are involved in correcting the pet’s behavior. Otherwise, a strange situation will turn out that will only confuse the dog: you are trying to wean it from jumping on people, and the household not only does not support you but, on the contrary, encourages such behavior. It is worth negotiating the rules with the household and asking everyone to follow them.

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