How to Train Your Dog Not to Sleep With You

Sleeping in the owner’s bed gives the dog special pleasure. The only problem is that the pet is not always allowed to lie on the bed or on the couch. And disobedience speaks of the problems of raising an animal. How to wean a dog from sleeping on a bed?

Raising a four-legged friend is a laborious process that requires maximum patience and close attention from the owner. A spoiled pet can create a lot of problems – from torn wallpaper and shoes to aggressive behavior towards people and animals.

The desire of the dog to sleep on the owner’s bed is natural: it wants to be close to its “pack”. But once you allow your pet to sleep with you a couple of times, and then this habit will be very difficult to fight. The dog will always ask for the master’s bed. If you indulge the desire of your pet, soon he will feel on an equal footing with the “leader”. This will certainly cause behavioral problems. What to do?

How to Train Your Puppy to Sleep in Its Place?

It is necessary to purchase a comfortable and spacious bed for the size of the puppy. Place it in a quiet place, preferably not in the kitchen. It is very important to put a blanket or, for example, a toy from the previous habitat of the dog in the bed. This smell will calm your pet;

The first nights are always hard. Most likely, the puppy will whine, fiddle, it will be difficult for him to fall asleep. This is a normal reaction to a change of scenery. You can spend time with him, but you shouldn’t take him to bed;

If the puppy fell asleep not on the bed, take him to the place, while repeating the command “Place”;

Be sure to reward your dog when he goes to sleep on the bed.

There are times when a habit has to be fought, not shaped. How to wean an adult dog from sleeping on a bed?

Training an adult pet:

Be patient. Retraining an adult animal with already formed habits is not easy. How long it takes depends on the particular dog;

The best training method is positive reinforcement. As soon as you notice that the dog is lying down, give it a treat or praise it;

Negative reinforcement can also be used. But it is worth resorting to it only as a last resort if other methods do not work. At the first attempt to get into the master’s bed, the dog is sprayed from a spray bottle or a scaring rattle is thrown nearby;

If the dog is not the only pet in the house, it is worth adjusting the behavior of its neighbors. So, for example, when the cat is allowed to sleep on the owner’s bed, the chances are high that the dog will be jealous. She may try to chase the cat away and take his place;

Don’t provoke your dog. If it is possible to close the door to the room, do it, especially when no one is at home. Send your pet to the place and use positive reinforcement;

As you work on correcting your pet’s behavior, it will become clear how it follows your orders. The key commands are “Place” and “Don’t”. The dog must strictly follow them;

Another option to restrict access is to place upturned chairs on the bed or sofa. Their legs will prevent the dog from jumping to the surface. Or, for example, stick double-sided sticky tape, which almost all animals cannot tolerate.

Any experienced breeder will confirm that it is much easier to form a habit than to fight it. When you take a puppy into the house, determine right away whether he will sleep with you, whether he is allowed to lie on the couch. Having made this decision, follow it to the end because even one violation of the rule can provoke the development of an addiction.

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