Rottweiler: Personality & Temperament

Rottweilers were bred in Germany, it was originally a butcher’s dog. It sounds scary, but in fact, the dogs were taking meat carts to the market for sale. And then, when the owner, having successfully sold the meat, celebrated this event, he hung a purse with money around the Rottweiler’s neck – and no one could encroach on the owner’s property.

Rottweiler Dog Breed: Temperament

The Rottweiler is a wonderful companion dog that perfectly adapts to any conditions if there is a person nearby, to whom the Rottweiler will surrender completely.

This is a dog that can live in an apartment, in an aviary, and in a country house.

The Rottweiler is a great security guard and bodyguard for the whole family, and at the same time, it is a great nanny for children. Of course, if the dog is properly raised.

If the dog is from good parents, if the parents of your puppy are mentally tested, tested, then you will have a wonderful dog for life in any conditions.

A lot depends on parents and genetics. If there was no marriage in breeding, the psyche of the Rottweilers is simply reinforced concrete. They are stress-resistant and will follow the owner of fire, water, and copper pipes. It’s almost impossible to scare them.

Every dog ​​is a personality. There are those who grew up with one person, and it is difficult for them to perceive other people, for example, if they have lost their master. There are Rottweilers who will absolutely calmly obey any person. Our dogs have not chosen one leader and are equally good at obeying any family member.

Rottweilers, at least ours, are absolutely silent dogs. They will give a signal only when it is worth giving when something threatens the territory or the owner.

Left alone, the Rottweiler usually sleeps peacefully. But if the separation is very long, it can get boring. However, if spaniels get bored, trashing the whole house, then the Rottweiler just lies quietly and yearns.

The Rottweiler gets along well with other pets. Our Rottweilers live with spaniels, cats, and turtle – and get along well with everyone. But the neighbor’s cat is driven with pleasure.

Rottweilers are considered aggressive by many, but this is a matter of genetics and upbringing. If the dog is not engaged or specifically develops aggression, of course, it will. But a good, adequate Rottweiler should not have aggression unnecessarily. I do not allow breeding dogs that are aggressive towards humans or other animals. But if the dog defends itself, protects the territory, or obeys the owner’s command, then it has the right to show aggression.

Rottweilers showing cowardice should also not be allowed inbreeding, but such dogs are also found. And this is even more dangerous.

Rottweiler Training Tips

Rottweilers are great learners. You can practice almost any kind of sports with them, Rottweilers show excellent results both in finding people and they are suitable for any service.

Our puppies are often purchased to work at the border, to search for explosives, people, in various fields and structures.

You can work with a puppy from an early age. We test puppies at the age of 45 days, and already at this age, we begin to study with them a little, to give a minimum base: playing with a rag, chasing a toy, etc. This all develops instincts, and if the dog goes, for example, to sports in the future, then it already has a starting base.

As for motivation, it all depends on the stage of training. Training usually begins with a treat.
Physical activity is a delicate matter, and an individual approach is required. On the one hand, the puppy must not be restricted in movement, and on the other hand, it must not be overloaded.

Taking Care of a Rottweiler

The only thing that can bring discomfort in caring for a Rottweiler is seasonal molting. At this time, the dog needs to be combed out and washed well.

Otherwise, caring for a Rottweiler is very simple. We wash our Rottweilers once a month. Once a month, if necessary, we trim the claws – and, in principle, nothing else is required.

The need for a walk depends on the particular dog. If we see that the puppy is trying to lie down, to rest, then it’s time to end the walk. It is quite difficult to tire an adult dog, so there is only one limitation: how long the owner will last.

The heat is more difficult for apartment Rottweilers, and open-air dogs can always find shade in a covered open-air cage. Our Rottweilers always have cold water, we add ice there. After all, we live in the 21st century, and now there are many different devices to make life easier for a dog: cooling mats and cooling blankets.

The Rottweiler is a very clean dog. Even small puppies immediately start going to the toilet for a diaper, and there are no questions about the toilet with them. For an older dog, it is enough to say once: “Well, what have you done?” – and the second time she will relieve the need for the house only if there is an urgent need.

Rottweiler Diet

Sometimes there are allergy sufferers among Rottweilers, as in any breed. But in general, they are unpretentious in food.

Preference should be given to professional food for dogs of large breeds so that it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, chondroprotective for joints.

Rottweiler: Health Issues

Overall, the Rottweiler is a healthy, robust dog. But working and sporting dogs do get injured.

Rottweilers are prone to hip dysplasia. It is worth buying a puppy from trusted parents so that both parents have test results for hip dysplasia with degrees acceptable for breeding. If both mother and father are tested, the likelihood of illness is reduced, but, unfortunately, no one is immune from it. Therefore, be sure to get your dog X-rays for hip dysplasia. This disease is something to be feared and avoided.

Which is Better to Choose: a Male or a Female?

Female Rottweilers are more accommodating. A Rottweiler male is a very responsible and serious step, it requires a lot of time and physical exertion, various puzzles. It’s more difficult with him – somewhere you need to persuade him, break him, somewhere – agree, and it’s more difficult to do this than with a female.

What Kind of the Owner Does a Rottweiler Need?

The owner of a Rottweiler must necessarily be self-confident, a sports person who loves long walks.

A good owner is one who can give the Rottweiler everything he needs: food, conditions, veterinarian, and training. It is not a cheap breed to keep. If you have financial difficulties, it is better to postpone the purchase of a puppy. Buying a dog is the cheapest part and is much more difficult to maintain.

But the main thing is self-confidence. However, sometimes parents get a Rottweiler for an overly modest teenager, and already in the process of communicating with a pet, a young man can develop self-confidence. But how much this is justified depends on the particular dog and owner.

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