Welsh Corgi Care

Caring for a welsh corgi has features that must be taken into account.

The best conditions for keeping a Welsh Corgi: a house with a fenced area or an apartment – subject to regular walking. Otherwise, the dog will turn into an inadequate, vicious, withdrawn creature.

Welsh Corgi molt constantly, but twice a year – especially strongly. However, the wool does not require complex maintenance. It should be brushed with a soft brush and the dead undercoat removed daily.

Welsh Corgi is bathed no more than 3 times a year. Excessive hobby for “bathing days” will lead to skin diseases and unpleasant odor.

An obligatory element of caring for a Welsh Corgi is hygiene procedures.

Examine your pet’s eyes regularly. Representatives of the breed are prone to ophthalmic diseases, which are easier to prevent than to treat advanced cases.
Ears should also be inspected so they are free of parasites and plaque and cleaned if necessary.
2 – 3 times a week, the dog should brush its teeth – so that tartar does not form and bacteria do not accumulate.
Claws are cut if necessary.
Check your Welsh Corgi’s body periodically for inflammation, infections, or wounds.
Teach your Welsh Corgi to hygienic procedures and proper care from childhood. Encourage calm demeanor.

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Written by Alice White

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