Welsh Corgi Health

Welsh Corgi live 12-14 years. With good care, the health of the Welsh Corgi is quite strong, but there are genetic diseases to which the representatives of the breed have a predisposition.

Quite often they suffer from eye diseases: cataracts, glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy. These ailments are commonly seen in older dogs.
Lens dislocation can be diagnosed in adolescence. This is fraught with partial or complete loss of vision.

Ulceration of the cornea of the Welsh Corgi eye can lead to constant pain, watery eyes, photophobia, and even loss of vision.

Lack of activity, an unbalanced diet, and genetic predisposition can lead to obesity in the Welsh Corgi. This is fraught with the overload of organs, as well as deformation of the joints.

From skin diseases, Welsh Corgi is prone to eczema – this is damage to the skin in the form of a constantly itchy or weeping lesion. The disease is treatable, but it is quite long-lasting. The illness tends to come back, so even a recovered dog needs to be watched.

Spinal cord injury can result in degenerative myelopathy – an inability to control the muscles of the hind limbs. As a rule, this condition manifests itself in old age, but injury, overuse, or improper nutrition can cause illness in a young dog.

Another danger is hip dysplasia. It is a hereditary disorder that can cause lameness and pain. X-ray and subsequent specialist consultation is the most reliable diagnostic tool.

Arthritis can develop with age.

Also, the Welsh Corgi has epilepsy, difficulties during childbirth, diseases of the cervical discs (degeneration or malformation), cutaneous asthenia, narcolepsy, Vellebrand’s disease (spontaneous bleeding associated with clotting disorders), cystinuria (violation of protein removal from the body), intervertebral disease discs (symptoms: problems with climbing stairs, unsteadiness, weakness and even paralysis), patent ductus arteriosus with pulmonary hypertension (found in puppies).

If you notice warning symptoms, see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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