Welsh Corgi: Fluffy Dogs

Each officially recognized and registered breed has a certain standard of appearance. Individuals that do not meet the standard (higher, lower, shorter coat, etc.) are classified as breeding defect and are not allowed to participate in exhibitions and competitions. In the case of the corgi breed, dogs with long hair fell into the number of defects for a long time.

Corgi Fluffy

Genes inherited from their parents are responsible for how the puppy will look in the future. So, each breed of dog has its own specific genotype, by which they are distinguished. A distinctive feature of Welsh Corgi shepherd dogs is their unusual exterior: short stature, elongated body, short legs, long “hare” ears. The coat of the corgi is of medium length and straight. But sometimes it happens that an enemy agent fluffy “penetrates into the genetic chain” which, in the case of a corgi, makes their fur long and wavy.

Important! The main cons of long-haired corgi are the complete absence of undercoat (in Pembrokes and cardigans, it is thick and dense). Such a dog cannot be taken for a walk in the rain, or if it snows outside, it will immediately get wet.

The gene that makes the corgi furry is recessive and in most cases is suppressed by dominants. But if this did not happen, the puppy who was lucky enough to “catch” the coat gene will have to be different all his life.

It is impossible to understand that a newborn puppy will never get to the show. The colors of the puppies are the same as those of the standard Pembrokes or Cardigans. The fact that baby fluffy becomes noticeable only after he is 4-6 weeks old. First, the puppy’s legs are covered with long hair, then all other parts of the body.

Important! It is impossible to predict that there will be a fluffy in the litter. Usually, in order to avoid the appearance of “defect”, already born fluffies are not allowed to further reproduce.

In general, the fact that a Pembroke or Cardigan was born with a different type of coat has practically no effect on its health and lifestyle, if we do not take into account the prohibition on reproduction and participation in shows. By nature, these miniature shepherd dogs are as good-natured and cute as the rest of the corgi. The only thing that the owner of his furry, but completely devoid of undercoat pet should take care of, is that the dog is protected from cold rain and snow.

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