Welsh Corgi Training

Welsh Corgis are smart, but a novice dog breeder can face some difficulties in the training process. Consider the energy, activity, and vitality of these dogs. The same qualities will be required of you.

Cardigan and Pembroke differ slightly in character. The cardigan is more calm, judicious, restrained, and careful. Pembroke is more sensitive, excitable, and lively. Both varieties are not timid, selfless devotees. They will be happy to join the outdoor game.

Welsh Corgi have remarkable intelligence, are excellent learners, quickly memorize commands and “go to school” with pleasure. Their training is a very pleasant experience. But on your part, persistence and patience are needed – without nervousness and pressure. Remember that these dogs are used to relying on themselves and making decisions on their own. Habits developed over centuries are not easy to give up.

Basic training of the Welsh Corgi includes accustoming to the name and basic commands. This gentleman’s set will make your pet much more comfortable to live together.

But if you wish, you can easily teach Welsh Corgi and difficult numbers. These dogs are able to pleasantly impress you with their quick wit and agility. Corgis can even sing on request – a funny howl, with overflows.

Representatives of the breed successfully participate in competitions in the general course of training, obedience, agility.

Welsh Corgi does not need exorbitant loads, but daily walks are necessary. Otherwise, the dog may gain excess weight.
Representatives of the breed should not jump from a height: spinal injuries are possible.

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