14+ Pros and Cons of Owning a English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a small dog with a powerful build. He is smart, calm, slow. For this, he is also called the “four-legged gentleman.” This is a small stocky dog, unpretentious in grooming and suitable for keeping in an apartment in an apartment. But these pets have some disadvantages. They snore, drool, often suffer from increased gas production, and are prone to obesity. Therefore, before starting an English Bulldog, it is worth studying the description of the breed, its pros, and cons, reviews of the owners.

General characteristics of English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are immediately recognizable dogs. They have a remarkable appearance. A stocky physique, a wide, flattened muzzle, and an abundance of folds on the skin are their feature. At first glance, it may seem that this dog is lazy and slow. But the bulldog has a devoted heart and a brave character. If he is in danger, he will courageously rush to the defense.

Breeders and breed lovers consider Bulldogs to be the most good-natured and peaceful animals. They note that they are patient, kind, loyal, and intelligent. It is an ideal pet for families, seniors, single or lazy people. The dog feels the mood of the owner, is able to cheer when he is sad. And for a child, English Bulldogs can become a nanny, protector, and playmate.

The English Bulldog is an obedient and loyal pet. He is independent, balanced, self-confident, can make decisions on his own. These dogs are inherent in such qualities of a gentleman as aristocracy, equanimity, and solidity. Due to the nature of the character in the UK and the USA, this dog is often made the mascot of sports teams, now it is the unofficial symbol of the Marines.

Interesting facts about English Bulldogs

  • Winston Churchill did not own this breed. He had dwarf poodles;
  • Future breeders should definitely know that animals can breathe noisily, snore while sleeping. Another problem of animals is a tendency to indigestion, increased flatulence;
  • It is necessary to acquire dogs of this breed from experts in the breed. If the dog grew up without proper attention, spent a lot of time alone, it can show aggression;
  • In too hot or frosty, windy weather, it is not recommended to take them for a walk. The short coat offers little or no protection. As a result, burns or frostbite may occur;
  • By nature, animals are incredibly lazy creatures. The owner must constantly practically force them to exercise;
  • It is this breed of dog that is the embodiment of courage, resilience, and strength. Many sports teams use her image as a mascot;
  • Almost all English Bulldogs love to bask in bed with their owner.


The English Bulldog is a pet that will suit inexperienced owners. This is a dog for a city apartment, for quiet inactive owners. She has many advantages:

  • due to the compactness of the English Bulldog, it is easy to keep even in a small apartment;
  • it is an unpretentious pet, does not require complex care or special nutrition;
  • with proper upbringing, a thoroughbred dog will never show aggression even towards strangers, will not bite a person;
  • the dog is calm, balanced, not vindictive, rarely loses his temper, and almost does not bark;
  • becomes attached to children, is patient with them, can become a nanny and protector;
  • at home, English bulldogs do not spoil furniture, do not bully, calmly wait for the owner;
  • does not need long walks and great physical exertion;
  • get along easily with any pets;
  • this is a good guard and protector, despite its small size, it boldly rushes to protect the owner.


It is better not to start this dog for an active person, as well as for someone who is rarely at home. The English Bulldog sheds, drools, and emits a specific smell, so it will not work for squeamish people or those with allergies either. The representatives of this breed have several more disadvantages:

  • due to the special structure of the nose, dogs of this breed make different sounds: gurgling, snoring, snoring, breathing noisily;
  • for the same reason, they cannot endure physical activity for a long time, they begin to suffocate;
  • these dogs often suffer from increased gas production, they have a weak stomach and increased salivation;
  • they are lazy, slow, prone to obesity;
  • very stubborn, the team does not always fulfill the owner;
  • they constantly need to gnaw and chew something, so they need to buy a lot of toys;
  • it is bad to tolerate hot and cold weather, in summer you need to protect yourself from overheating, and in winter to wear clothes;

The English Bulldog is a truly aristocratic breed. Its representatives are endowed with intelligence, kindness, patience, and the ability to analyze and express their opinions. They are perfect for almost any category of people.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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