16 Facts About Raising and Training French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are naturally friendly, playful, inquisitive dogs, but on a par with this, they have stubbornness, self-will, obstinacy, and a tendency to aggression. The dog needs a strong master’s hand. It is necessary to educate a pet from an early age in order not to miss important stages in the formation of a dog’s character. It will be more difficult to retrain an adult bulldog.

#1 The upbringing of the French Bulldog begins from the moment when he was brought into the house of the people who will now become his family.

#2 In the very first days, the baby needs to be introduced to its members, including other animals, for example, a cat.

#3 A good-natured French bulldog and a cat often get along peacefully, but the owners should be on their guard and not allow “showdowns” between their favorites until they get used to their cohabitation.

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