How to Feed Your French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are known to be allergic. That is why food for them must be selected with extreme care. In addition, do not forget that the pet must have a certain place where he will eat. Even before the puppy appears in the house, you need to prepare two bowls for it – for food and fresh water.

What and How to Feed Adult French Bulldogs?

For feeding this breed, each owner can choose any type of food. It is more convenient for someone to use ready-made dry food. Someone, on the contrary, likes to tinker in the kitchen while preparing another natural dish for a pet. You can choose both drying and natural. The main thing that cannot be done is to mix feed with each other. In other words, if the French Bulldog eats food, you should not treat it to porridge.

Feeding the French Bulldog requires strict adherence to certain rules. The diet must be selected taking into account the age needs of the pet. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the state of health, especially the hormonal background of the dog. What you can’t do is overfeed your pet. Obesity is a real scourge for this breed.

What to Give From Natural Food?

The diet of these dogs should be based on cereals. They need to be cooked at the rate of 50/50, where half is cereal and half is meat. The meat component can be beef, veal, chicken, or turkey fillet. By-products can be added as needed. Porridge can be prepared from rice, pearl barley, and buckwheat.

It is also necessary to include vegetables in the diet – cabbage, tomatoes, beets, zucchini, carrots, sunflower oil. It is allowed to include fermented milk products on the dog’s menu. It can be yogurt, whole milk, whey, sour cream, curdled milk. Fish should be given in boiled ocean varieties. In addition to vegetables, French Bulldogs also need fruits.

Important! It is necessary to feed the pet in the morning and in the evening. Natural food should be warm.

Which Feed to Choose?

Commercial feed is much more convenient and easier to use. For a pet, it is better to choose products that are produced by well-known and respected companies. So, for representatives of this breed, it is recommended to choose premium and holistic food.

Do not think that commercial feed is only dry granules. In addition to them, there is still moist and semi-moist canned meat. They are also enjoyed by many dogs. The main thing is not to store the packages open for too long. Dogs suffering from allergies should buy hypoallergenic foods.

Prohibited foods for French Bulldogs include everything that lies on the human table. Dogs should not be fed fatty meat, river fish, bones. Also banned are sweets, citrus fruits, legumes, and bread.

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