Red French Bulldog: Helpful Information

Bulldogs are a fairly common and popular group of dogs that includes several breeds. They all differ in size, purpose, coat color. So, one of the most popular breeds for home keeping is the French Bulldog. These compact-sized dogs get along well in the apartment, do not require special care. Most owners are especially interested in Frenchies with red hair.

Characteristics of Red Coat Color in French Bulldogs

At a certain period in the development of the breed, a standard of appearance was developed and approved for it. It sets out the requirements for the exterior of animals that claim to be purebred. The requirements of the standard also apply to dog colors. So, the following coat colors are considered officially allowed:

  • brindle, consisting of alternating light and dark stripes;
  • white with spots;
  • snow-white (rare and problematic option);
  • fawn.

What option can be attributed to the red color? Of course, to fawn, since it is considered one of the varieties of this shade. A bulldog with such an appearance will be gladly accepted at the dog show. However, it is important to remember that in order to participate in the competition, the dog must have a “pass” – the presence of white spots on the body.

Some red-haired Frenchies may have a mask on their face, which makes them even more attractive. Dogs with small stripes on their fur can be attributed to the “brindle” group. Dogs with red hair look especially interesting. They are considered members of the elite category and are valued more than others.

The red hair color of the French is quite varied. It can classify the dog as a pedigree group and put the stamp of defect on it. So, the category of prohibited options includes colors that combine three colors. It also includes chocolate, brown, cream.

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