16 Informative and Interesting Facts About Jack Russells

A large hunter’s soul in a miniature format – this is how you can call a Jack Russell Terrier dog. Small pets require great attention to themselves, not at all to match their size. It is difficult to imagine that 6 kg (this is how much an adult dog of the breed weighs) can hide unbridled curiosity, activity, and love of adventures.

#1 In 2000, the Jack Russell Terrier Part-Ex became the most extreme dog, sharing his master’s hobbies of coastering, coyaking, surfing and rock jumping.

#2 Jack Russell Terrier puppies, and then adult dogs, are real springs and have amazing jumping ability.

#3 The terrier, not afraid of heights, can jump off the shoulder of the owner, and can also jump over the fence in the garden.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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