Interesting Facts About Jack Russell Terriers

Well, who does not know the adorable Jack Russell Terrier Milo from the popular movie “The Mask”. How? Don’t you know anything about these dogs yet? We suggest correcting the situation by reading a few interesting facts about the breed.

Jack Russell Terrier: Interesting Facts

Jack Russell Terrier

Few people know that dogs of this breed:

are divided into several types. Russells, depending on the length and structure of the coat, are divided into “broken”, long-haired, and standard dogs.

descended from a male named Trump. In 1819, the creator of the breed managed to find a dog that fit the parameters he had conceived.

know how to jump high. Jack Russell can jump 1.5 meters in height.

they know how to play movies better than people. The Frasier actors were even jealous of the popularity that a terrier named Moose, who played one of the main roles, gained.

very energetic. Jack Russells are simply restless, even the most cheerful and restless children cannot exhaust them, most often the opposite happens.

may burn in the sun. Going with your pet to the beach, you need to stock up on sunscreen for him as well.

have a three-layer coat. The coat of Russell Terriers is divided into three layers: smooth (short), coarse (long hairs), and broken (combinations of the first and second layers).

love to travel. A representative of the breed named Bothie, together with its owners, made the transition from the North to the South Pole in 1982.

Important! Russell Terriers are recognized as the most friendly breed capable of finding a common language both with humans and with any other domestic animal.

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