Jack Russell Terrier: Training Tips

When planning to buy a puppy for a child, many parents make a big mistake by flattering themselves with illusions about the fact that a small four-legged pet will be dealt with by anyone but them. After the small paws cross the threshold of the house, it becomes clear that one of the adults will have to educate and even more train a new family member. And if a Jack Russell Terrier puppy was chosen as a friend for the child, it may seem that it is completely impossible to raise him at home without outside help.

Jack Russell Terrier: the Basics of Training

Jack Russell Terrier puppies

To hope that the dog from “The Mask” will behave decorously and nobly is simply stupid. Jack Russells are simply restless energizers capable of exhausting not only an adult but also a child. Without proper upbringing and training, the growing-up mischievous person runs the risk of becoming an adult who will not care about anything.

Jack Russell Temperament

Among professional breeders who understand the temperaments of many breeds of dogs, it is the Jack Russells that are considered the most energetic and mischievous. Restless Hunters can be described as:

cunning dogs who know how to make an outrage ;

dominants who do not get tired of striving to take the position of a leader;

smart dogs who know how to make the situation win for themselves;

great clever girls, which they can become, subject to correct and timely upbringing.

Russell Terrier puppies need an energetic owner whom they can keep the company in games, walks, and all sorts of fun. Due to the fact that the terrier does not feel the boundaries of what is permitted, it should be raised by a person who can persistently and clearly explain to the pet what can be done and what is strictly prohibited.

Important! People who want to find a companion in a dog for quiet walks and quiet relaxation in front of the TV set a Jack Russell is strongly discouraged. A terrier who does not get the opportunity to spend the accumulated energy will behave destructively, showing aggression and sheer disobedience.

Do not think that a beginner will not be able to cope with a dog with such a temperament. Everything is real and possible, subject to willpower and strength of temperament. Do not be afraid of your dog – Russell will not be able to bite, even when it is very angry. But it can spoil property and nerves.

Can We Not Train Jack Russell?

This question must be answered immediately – no, without education, at least the initial one will not work. Terrier (no matter what), without socialization and training:

will become the culprit that guests will stop coming to you;

be considered a threat to other domestic animals and young children;

will dig through the whole garden and ruin all flower beds without exception (those who live in an apartment will overturn flowerpots with flowers);

will leave puddles wherever they want;

will become a favorite with neighbors, who will have to listen to the howling of a dog every time the owner leaves for work;

will not calmly walk on a leash while walking;

will not miss the opportunity to grab the yummy left on the table.

Important! The main task of the owner of Jack Russell is to prevent the destructive behavior of the pet. It is important not to miss the moment and not be led by the dog. It is categorically impossible to be moved and indulge in whims and antics.

Jack Russell Terrier Training Tips

Without the right approach, the process will not be successful:

It is not necessary to beat, shout and show any aggression towards the dog, even if it behaves badly. Enough to raise your voice.

If the puppy has done something, you can lift it by the collar and shake it a little.

The pet needs to be made clear that he is not in charge here.

Important! Do not start exercising when your dog is in a bad mood, does not feel well, or is overly excited.

Some Helpful Tips

In order for your Jack Russell Terrier to become not just a pet, but a beloved and most importantly educated member of the family, you need it:

  • start training at home. Lessons should not be too long and tiring. Several approaches for half an hour a day will be enough.
  • accustom to consistent actions. You should not jump from one to another, starting to learn a new command until the previous one bounces off the teeth.
  • encourage and praise in case of successful completion of tasks. You can use your favorite treat as a reward.
  • train before eating. An eaten animal will want to sleep more than to learn.
  • do not leave without attention after the end of the lesson. An excellent end to the training will be a joint game or a walk in the fresh air.

Important! The puppy will be able to learn the first commands already at the age of 6 weeks. It is necessary to start with memorizing the name, and the basic “to me”, “sit”, “lie down” and so on. Also, the puppy must be taught to use the toilet in the apartment while it is not yet out on the street.

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