Smooth-Haired Jack Russell Terrier

It was the smooth-haired Jack Russell Terrier who was able to glorify his breed all over the world, starring in the comedy “The Mask”. The dog named Milo fascinated the audience no less than the leading actor Jim Carrey, from whom, by the way, it is also difficult to look away.

Smooth Haired Jack Russell: Helpful Information

Smooth-Haired Jack Russell Terrier

Of all the existing varieties of the breed, which differ from each other only in the type and structure of the coat, the smooth-haired (short-haired) species is especially popular. It is more common than wire-haired (aka long-haired) and intermediate (broken) types.

Important! By the nature, height and weight, and structure of the body, purpose, and conditions of detention, all types of Russell Terriers are no different from each other.

Coat Type

The coat of the standard type of Jack Russell is short in length and pleasant to the touch. The dog’s coat fits snugly to the body, not standing out in long areas on the ears or paws. The colors are the same as for all representatives of the breed – a white canvas with black and brown spots scattered over it.

Smooth-haired terrier sheds according to the norms twice a year – in spring and autumn. However, as people who keep terriers in city apartments notice, replacing old coat with a new one is often out of schedule. Due to the dry air in the apartment, Jack Russell’s fur can fall off all 12 months of the year.


It is necessary to bathe the Jack Russell Terrier only after walking on muddy ground or puddles – that is, as needed. In other cases, it cleans itself independently.

You can comb the terrier with a special comb with soft bristles, use a furminator. During the shedding period, a special mitten will come to help the owners, which will help to comb out excess hairs from the undercoat. Trimming is not necessary for such a Russell Terrier.

To make life easier for yourself during pet molting, it is necessary to do wet cleaning more often and ventilate the premises. Additional air humidification will help to reduce the natural process of changing from a winter coat to a summer one. And, of course, do not forget about the sticky rollers for cleaning clothes and furniture upholstery.

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