Jack Russell Terrier: Lifespan, Weight, Height

The Jack Russell Terrier is a miniature and very “lively” hunting dog that is used today as a companion. It is easy and simple to maintain in a city apartment. Russell is unpretentious in food and undemanding in care. The requirements for grooming vary depending on whether the dog is a smooth-haired, long-haired, or broken-haired Jack Russell Terrier.

What Does a Jack Russell Terrier Look Like?

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier breed standard was adopted in 2003. According to him, an adult must meet the following parameters:

Maximum Height

At the withers, the height of an adult Jack Russell Terrier in a male does not exceed 30 cm, in a female – 25 cm. There are one more subspecies of Russell Terriers “parson”. This branch was isolated from the general mass in 2001. The Parson Terrier is distinguished by the fact that its legs are long and the body is slimmer. The growth of a Parson at the withers can reach 36 cm.

Important! Mini Jack Russell Terrier does not exist in nature.


The standard weight of the Jack Russell Terrier is from 5 to 7 kg. Dogs are not considered gluttons and find it difficult to gain “excess” due to excessive physical activity.

Coat Color

Jack Russell Terrier has two main colors: white with black spots and white with red spots. The spots are located mainly on the back, muzzle, ears, rounded. In terms of volume, they should not exceed 30% of the total area of the coat.


As already mentioned, the Jack Russell Terrier, depending on the type of coat, is divided into several subspecies:


The most common type of dog of this breed. The coat is dense, soft to the touch. Prone to prolonged seasonal molting.


The coat of this subspecies is very dense and stiff. The outer hair is longer, sticking out in different directions. The terrier’s face is decorated with eyebrows and a beard. Molting is not as long as that of short-haired brethren. Need trimming.


Brokens have a tough but short coat. The group is divided into:

  • “light”, whose coat is distinguished by the presence of slight creases;
  • “rough”, whose coarse hairs have many small creases.

Ears, Tail

Hanging ears turned forward. They are characterized by great mobility and the ability to rotate 180 degrees. The tail is long, drooping at rest.

What Does a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Look Like?

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

You need to buy a puppy only in a reputable kennel. The puppy must be active, cheerful, and healthy both in appearance and in documents. Due to the fact that the breed is susceptible to many diseases, it is necessary to make sure that the parents of the chosen puppy are completely healthy.


The puppy usually grows slowly. If it lags behind the parameters, most likely the reason lies in the lack of vitamins. In a month, the puppy should grow up to 9 cm at the withers. At 3 months, his growth can be 11 cm, at 6 – 15 cm. At 9 months, the growth of a puppy will reach 20 cm, at 12 – the parameters of an adult.


The bodyweight of a month-old puppy does not exceed 700 g, at 3 months – 3 kg, at 6 – 4.3 kg. By six months, the bodyweight of a Jack Russell puppy will not increase much – up to 4.7 kg. The puppy will gain the mass of an adult by one year.

Color, Coat

The color does not change as it grows. By the type of coat, which is visible, the subspecies of the breed are immediately determined.

Ears, Tail

The ears and tail of Russell Terriers are not docked. The ears may lift slightly on the cartilage as the puppy grows.

The life span of the Jack Russell Terrier is from 13 to 16 years. If the pet is properly looked after and educated, then it will remain energetic and cheerful until old age.

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