20 Breed Reviews: Labrador Retriever (Part 2)

The dog is kind, loyal, quick-witted, easy to contact, perfectly trained with a high level of intelligence. She adores children, gets along well with other animals, is affectionate with people. The fearless dog often works as a rescuer. She has great intuition, and this quality of her is used all over the world. Labrador more than once saved the lives of epileptics, anticipating the beginning of an attack before the owner. Noticing the dog’s anxiety, the owner takes the necessary medications on time. This breed swims well, and because of the water-repellent undercoat, the animal can be in ice water. The dog is very energetic, so walks with it are always active and joyful. In order for the dog to get tired and run over, the owner needs to throw a ball/plate/run together while walking, and even better find a company so that several dogs frolic together. If the pet does not run over, it will continue to do this already at home.

#1 And cons can be turned into pros

We always wanted a big dog, but since the family chose the child for a long time and could not come to a common opinion with my husband, and then somehow they saw an advertisement for the sale of the dog, they began to think for a long time to read the reviews and decided to take a Labrador, brought home a small dog, cute, playful, she very quickly got used to being affectionate to the child, since these dogs are friendly with the child and became best friends, you cannot wish for the best breed for keeping in a house where there are children. The dog is very smart, obedient, there are no problems with the toilet, it endures and waits until they go for a walk with it, these dogs are very loyal. A properly brought up Labrador is obedient, easily accepts training and training, it is not characterized by an aggressive reaction to people and animals. you can say a lot about this breed, but I can tell you definitely will not regret it if you make yourself this friend.

#2 The dog that brings happiness

Today I want to tell you about our wonderful Labrador dog. No wonder they say that a dog is a man's friend. This is not just a dog, it is a family member. Our kind, affectionate, cheerful girlfriend. The child loves to play with her very much. As soon as they start running around with the ball, the whole house laughs. The dog is great for living in an apartment. Dogs of this breed are very kind, love children, get along well with other animals. Not suitable for guards, as they are not aggressive. Very obedient. If you need a friend and your kids. Labrador is perfect!)

We love to walk, run without a leash, play with a stick.

We brush our hair on the street, so there is very little wool from it in the apartment.

#3 Will teach kindness

1. Easy to learn 2. Kind and affectionate 3. There is no special and confusing care 4. Beautiful and aesthetic breed 5. They listen well 6. The reaction of people to this breed is excellent 7. I can list thousands of more advantages, but I think you’re all understood.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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