Black Dachshund Dog Breed Information

Dachshunds are dogs with amazing temperaments and unusual appearance. Real hunters with a brave lion’s heart are hiding under the guise of a miniature dog on short legs. Representatives of this breed make excellent companions for humans. They are turned on both for business and for the soul. How are dachshunds chosen? Someone looks at the size, someone makes a choice based on the type of dog’s coat. However, almost all potential owners pay attention to the color. Can those who want to see a pet with black hair next to them find a friend among the dachshunds?

Can a Dachshund be Completely Black?

Black dachshund dog

Since the breed is officially recognized, a standard of appearance has been set for it. If we turn to him, it becomes obvious that there is no pure black in the list of standard colors. A black coat is available in a two-tone color – black and tan. This color is considered the calling card of the breed. There are huge queues for puppies with similar coat colors. Those who represent the dachshund see it in just that color.

Sometimes, of course, pure black puppies can also be born. For them, there are two options for the development of events. In the first, they will be classified as a breed defect and will be prohibited from participating in exhibitions and further breed breeding. The second option is much more positive. If, as the puppy grows, tanning still appears, then there will be a place in the studbook for him.

Other Options for Non-standard Colors

If pure black dachshunds have long been included in the “non-format” category, then some colors have every chance of becoming recognized over time. So, today breeders are working on breeding dogs with the following coat colors:

Double marble. Elegant color where the base is white. It can be scattered with spots of black, brown, and gray.

White-spotted. Dogs with white hair and red spots look great.

Cream. A very unusual option in which the dog’s coat resembles milk cream. Sometimes the light color can be diluted with black hairs.

Although pure black dachshunds are not included in the category of the standard, they practically do not differ from their “official” brethren. They have the same good health, a cheerful disposition, and a perky disposition. The black dachshund can become both a hunter and a reliable companion.

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  1. My little mini doxie is jet black except for a tiny patch of white on her chest. Both momma and papa were pure bred doxie colored differently.

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